Dishonest. Embarrassing. Appalling. These days, they all apply to the left-leaning mainstream media, which somehow just had its worst week yet.

First, there was the infamous BuzzFeed report, which accused President Trump of directing Michael Cohen to lie about a Trump Tower project in Russia. Their “report” was so blatantly wrong that a spokesman for special counsel Robert Mueller took the time to reject it outright, using the words “not accurate.” This means a lot coming from a Mueller team that has been plagued by its own anti-Trump bias (most of the investigative team leans left).

Then, there was the media outrage over a MAGA hat-wearing teenager coming face to face with a Native American drummer at a pro-life rally. All too eager to paint the high schooler as “racist” and “hateful,” the liberal media only bothered to get the whole story after it become untenable not to do so. Here’s what actually happened: The drummer actually approached Nick Sandmann, the Trump supporter, and performed in front of him. All the while, Sandmann and his fellow Trump supporters were being harassed by the Black Hebrew Israelites, a radical group trying to drown out “Build the Wall” chants.

Instead of rushing to correct their initial reporting, the liberal media focused on another one of anti-Trump actress Alyssa Milano’s ridiculous tweets, this time comparing MAGA hats to Ku Klux Klan hoods. In her words: “Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”

The stupidity of her words are only trumped by the liberal media’s allergic reaction to the truth—the full truth, and nothing but the truth. These, of course, are not the first examples of media bias. Let’s not forget CNN’s long list of retractions or news anchors melting down after President Trump was elected.

For years now, the liberal media has scrapped the notion of covering the Trump administration with any objectivity, choosing instead to vilify the president — and those who dare to agree with him. Even targeting high schoolers on ideological grounds is now fair game.

Rather than covering President Trump’s policies—such as border security and pro-growth tax reform—on the merits, anti-Trump “journalists” decide to make politics all too personal. By supporting a border wall, you see, he must be a xenophobe. By opposing tax hikes, you see, he must be a puppet of the “one percent.”

For the #Resistance, disagreeing with President Trump on public policy isn’t enough; he must be portrayed as stupid or evil, or a little of both.

The numbers back it up: According to the Media Research Center, 92 percent of Trump coverage is negative. The liberal media has spent relatively no time covering the White House in a positive light, opting to overwhelm readers and viewers with Russia collusion stories and Mueller investigation “bombshells.” A mere 0.7 percentage of media coverage has to do with the booming economy, even though it affects all of us—and positively, at that.

It’s no wonder that the American people are losing trust in the free press. Based on recent polling, more than 70 percent of Americans believe “traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading.” Yes, this means Democrats, Republicans, and independents recognize #FakeNews for what it is.

Until the liberal media recognizes it too, public trust in their “reporting” will continue to erode—and support for President Trump will only rise. That’s good news for America, and bad news for media elites.