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At a time when the news industry faces harsh economic pressures, it’s increasingly difficult to find high-quality, independent journalism focused on the policy issues that impact Americans in a substantive way.

We here at InsideSources are not immune to those pressures. Yet, day in and day out, we have set out to deliver journalism that is often overlooked in today’s harsh media environment. We dig into the stories other publications miss because they are all too often forced to lure readers with sensational or ideologically-driven coverage.

We do not claim to get it right all the time. But InsideSources, along with our partner publications, New Hampshire Journal and InsideSources New Mexico, strive to deliver independent, non-partisan news that you can trust.

InsideSources has also worked to support local journalism. Our syndication network just had its biggest month ever with more than 33 million print newspapers carrying our reporting and opinion content.

We may have a small team operating on a shoestring budget, but we reach more readers than all but the very largest news sites.

As we look ahead to the 2020 election and the important issues facing communities nationwide, we believe it’s time to expand our coverage.

Key to our ambitions will be turning to our readers to support our journalism through donations, grants and the like. This keeps our reporting available to everyone curious to learn different sides of policy debates.

These donations will go directly to pay for staff to continue reporting and writing the kind of stories that are hard to find elsewhere, even as we retain our editorial independence.

We’ve looked to similar top publications that work to cover complex and underreported policy issues for leading the way in this financing model to support journalism. Pulitzer Prize-winning InsideClimate News and state-based outlets like Iowa Starting Line underwrite their content with support from donors large and small. Because of the challenging market for journalism, this model of donor underwriting is the best way to ensure stories that need covered are brought to the public.


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