If the liberal media is to be believed, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has taken quite a beating over the last week.

But he’s calmly handled himself with grace throughout the process. The same cannot be said of the left.

As calm as Judge Kavanaugh has remained, Democrats find themselves on the opposite end of the spectrum: Bitter, unhinged and downright reckless. Adjectives cannot properly describe the lows to which Senate Democrats — and their supporters — have sunk to undermine President Trump. Senators with decades of experience now resemble petulant children, obsessed with playing up their #Resistance bona fides with no regard for the embarrassing optics we see today.

Fortunately, their #Resistance is about as effective as the Trump protesters flooding (and being ejected from) the Senate halls — which is to say, not at all. As Kavanaugh answered question after question with class and dignity, the questioners became less classy and less dignified.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ranking member and the first Democrat to question Kavanaugh, chose to focus on abortion, criticizing the nominee for his role in the “pro-life” Bush administration. As if being pro-life is a terrible crime. Feinstein’s attacks evoked her infamous criticism of appeals court nominee Amy Barrett’s Catholic faith exactly one year ago, when Feinstein described “dogma” as a troubling “concern.”

Unfortunately, she’s not the Senate’s only desperate #Resistance fighter. Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii attempted to link Kavanaugh to former 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski — for whom he clerked in the early 1990s — in light of Kozinksi’s resignation last year over sexual harassment allegations. There is absolutely no proof that Kavanaugh was aware of Kozinski’s behavior way back when, but, well, guilt by association from three decades ago means something to Democrats who have nothing else.

Sen. Cory Booker, meanwhile, acknowledged “knowingly violating the rules” to release confidential emails about Kavanaugh. Booker accused Kavanaugh of racial profiling with no justification whatsoever, and the New Jersey senator now faces an ousting from the Senate because of his unprecedented politicking. Ironically, we now know that said emails were already cleared for release before Booker’s theatrics.

His liberal base is doing its part to vilify the Supreme Court nominee. Vox went so far as to suggest Kavanaugh is an enemy of the #MeToo movement and, presumably, a supporter of sexual harassment. Why? Because he “tried to limit the number of workers protected by anti-discrimination laws.”

Talk about a stretch. Rather than assessing Kavanaugh on his merits, the left is intent on spreading misinformation to obstruct, obstruct and obstruct. That’s why we’re exposed to unsubstantiated headlines like “Brett Kavanaugh will be bad for African Americans” or “Brett Kavanaugh will present an immediate threat to women’s rights.”

When your business is outrage, beating the war drums is obligatory. Every single morning, the left’s most aggressive protesters line up to beat them, screaming incoherent insults for all to see.

Let’s be clear: When it comes to obstructing the Kavanaugh nomination, Democrats aren’t stupid. They understand that we’re witnessing a shift in the politics of the Supreme Court. As Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois readily acknowledges, Kavanaugh will be “the most decisive vote on the Supreme Court on critical issues.”

But the way in which they’re obstructing is just pathetic. Democrats are even taking the time to defend the protesters, suggesting they represent the best that democracy has to offer. In reality, today’s anti-Trumpers represent the very worst — close-minded individuals who have forsaken dialogue for dogged disruption.

Americans of all stripes — Republicans and even reasonable Democrats — should reject the #Resistance’s worst elements. The politics of outrage do nothing but corrupt our political discourse and drive us even further apart.

Whether you support Kavanaugh or not, we should all strive to conduct ourselves with basic decency. That means rejecting the regressive left.